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Okay, there are 100 points on the album. TLC has 7. Every point is equal to 8 cents, alright? 7 times 8, 56 cents. That means every time an album gets sold, TLC gets 56 cents. So 10 million records, 5.6 million dollars. Seems like a lot of money. Well its not a lot of money when the record company has spent 3 million dollars to record your album. And in the record business, we pay all costs back to the record company. We pay recording costs, video costs. So now, we have 2.6 million dollars left. Well guess what? When you have that much money, you’re about in the 47% tax bracket, so that immediately gets deducted to 1.3 million dollars. Then, you split the rest three ways. You got about $300,000 a piece, if that much. $300,000, let’s see. I can buy a nice house with that. And what am I gonna pay my bills with?


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Drake And Nicki <3


Drake And Nicki <3

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Michael Ealy then calmly says, “My eyes are blue.” lol :)) He is beautiful!



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